Notion Decision Journal Template

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Notion Decision Journal Template

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Say Goodbye to Your Bad Decisions

Over the last 12 months, I've improved the quality of my decisions. I'll show you how to do the same, using this Notion Decision Journal Template.

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Part 1: What's the decision?

Questions to help you consider everything before you decide.

Part 2: What happened?

Questions to help understand what happened after the decision.

Part 3: What can you learn?

Questions to help learn from the decision and its consequences.

The Notion template allows you to record your decisions and then look back on them as a source for continuous improvement.

Here's my story:

I know you have seen other decision journals including free ones too. But I see my decision journal differently from these for several reasons.

Traditional decision journals come in the form of pages you print out or buying a physical journal. As I discovered, the printed formats are easily misplaced or forgotten. If you're not writing about a decision before you make it, the opportunity is lost.

Any reflections will be spoiled by the outcome and our hindsight bias.

But Your Decision Journal diminishes this risk.

I developed my decision journal from my experiences. I created it in Notion so I could keep my decision journal in my pocket. It has greatly improved the choices I make, giving me a place to decide free from distraction.

I want this!
I want this!