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Your Decision Journal: Improving Future Decisions

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Everyone wants to make the right decision.

But few people understand how to make a good decision and end up either not deciding or rushing.

That's where Your Decision Journal comes in.

🤔The Decision Maker’s Trap

We live in a world where everything is happening faster.

The pressure to decide quickly has never been greater. Email, messages, posts, comments, likes, notifications, and our phones shower us with information. The choices we face are endless as we try and make sense of them all.

It matters because this noise is making us decide faster.

The best decision-makers I know have discovered a way to slow down and get control of their decisions.

Others remain hypnotised or overwhelmed by the flashing lights and the ping of yet another notification.

Your Decision Journal can help you escape.

🧠 Taking Back Control

Making big decisions in a rational way means taking control. Within a short space of time, you’ll begin to see your decisions as options to consider.

That means rather than deciding quickly—and without thought, you will question your options. Probing for answers gives rise to new information. The sense of frustration you felt when unwanted outcomes left asking why will soften.

Now, this journal won’t give the outcomes you want every time. It will not make you the perfect decision-maker. But it will give you the security of a proven process that gives you control.

Your Decision Journal cuts intuition out of the equation. It helps you decide. Writing your decisions down—before you make them—allows you to focus on your decision. The one thing you do control.


Your Decision Journal is a simple, Notion based system that will help you:

  • Slow down your decision-making
  • Focus your attention on your choices
  • Separate your decisions and outcomes
  • Learn from documented past decisions
  • Teach yourself new ways to make decisions

☑️ What’s Inside?

  • A guided questionnaire to help you understand and write about your decision
  • New perspectives to help gain new insights
  • Experiences capture the outcome after your decision
  • A three-step review process to learn from the decisions you made
  • A history to look back and remember past decisions and outcomes accurately

⚖️So…Why Decide with this Decision Journal?

Your Decision Journal is a product from Darren Matthews, founder of The Resolve Blog.

  • Darren has reached hundreds of thousands of readers on Medium and his blog.
  • Darren writes about all aspects of decision-making, cognitive biases, and mental models.
  • Darren has experience in both commercial and business management roles

Your Decision Journal has evolved from the experience, insights, and learnings that Darren has gathered. Now, you’ve got the same opportunity to master your decisions.

This product is not currently for sale.

Your Decision Journal is a Notion Template to improve the quality of your future decisions.

Question based template
Database for recording outcomes
Learn by reviewing section
Concise PDF and Notion format book

Your Decision Journal: Improving Future Decisions

0 ratings